Kevin Fickenscher
Francisco Reyes


Where on Chromosome is Problem?

Chromosome 18.

What Is the Problem?

This is caused by having all or part of an extra 18th chromosome. This genetic condition almost always results from nondisjunction during meiosis.

What is the Prognosis?

Unfortunately, there is no cure or treatment for Edwards Syndrome. Edwards Syndrome will usually result in death before the baby is even born. An Edwards Syndrome diagnosis sometimes results in the termination of the pregnancy since the baby usually doesn’t make it to their first birthday and it can cause major health problems. Almost 95% of all babies that have Edwards Syndrome are not even born yet. For those that make it to birth alive, they usually have severe health problems such as breathing difficulties and heart failure. Of the babies that are born with Edwards Syndrome, only about 5-10% make it to their first birthday. As many as half of all infants diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome die in their first week of life. Very few cases have made it to adulthood.

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