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Paul Stockdill
Andrew Huang

Where on Chromosome is Problem?

Down syndrome results from the copy, or even just a part of a copy, of chromosome 21. This extra chromosome cause all sorts of problems with development. About 1 in 800 people are born with the disorder and the figure would be higher if 70% of cases were not aborted.

What Is the Problem?

Down syndrome affects both the physical appearance and cognitive abilities of the person who has it. People with down syndrome have a significantly lower IQ than those who do not, with the average IQ being around 50.

Many common health problems associate with the condition are:
low fertility
blood problems such as leukemia
hearing and visual impairment
random hip dislocations (33%)
short stature

What is the Prognosis?

Life expectancy of those with down syndrome is lower than the average person, with average life expectancies ranging from 50-60 years with good medical care. The main reason for the lower life expectancy is the heart problems that are associated with down syndrome. Only 10% of those with down syndrome live to be over 70 years old, and 10% die in the first year of life. Those with the condition almost always struggle in a school environment and as a result many of them do not work full time or have lower end jobs. It is often difficult to overcome the physical and mental disabilities that are associated with the condition. Despite this many people who have down syndrome are able to lead happy fulfilling lives.

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